Four Sports, One Athlete and a Whole Lot of Dedication

Four-sport athlete and sophomore Kaveh Wojtowich prepares to jump back into the action during a JV football game.

Jordan Lee and Farhad Taraporevala

Sophomore Kaveh Wojtowich is one of the school’s only four-sport athletes. He competes in varsity track, JV soccer, football and volleyball. Wojtowich’s drive and perseverance to succeed in athletics as well as in the classroom are prime examples of PRIDE values and have allowed him to succeed despite his rigorous schedule.

“Kaveh was just a great athlete from the get-go; his dedication to being good has also helped him,” football and sprint coach Gus Garcia said. “The way he takes care of his body, the way he eats, the way he works out and all the lifting that he’s doing, mostly with football, has helped keep his body well prepared for the beatings that he takes in all sports.”

Playing any high school sport at the JV and varsity levels is extremely competitive and taxing on an athletes’ body. As a member of two spring sports, it may seem puzzling how Wojtowich can handle such a stressful practice-load. However, with strategic planning and immense dedication, Wojtowich has found a way to stay healthy and motivated throughout his sports-filled year.

“To play both volleyball and track this season, I had to sacrifice a few track meets as well as two volleyball games, and I also had to miss a bit of practice time from both sports,” Wojtowich said. “However, I still think my situation worked out really well because I got better in both sports.”

As the school approaches its third year, so does the school’s prospect of being part of league sports where Irvine schools with varsity sports teams compete with each other in local competitions. Wojtowich caught 14 touchdowns and intercepted 4 passes during the 2017 football season and was a member of the record holding 4x100m and 4x400m relay teams.

As a junior, Wojtowich would have to balance AP classes, extracurriculars and four varsity sports.

“I think he can handle it. Sometimes as a coach it worries me because I don’t want him to wear his body out, but if there is anyone who can do it, it’s Kaveh,” Garcia said.