Gallery: From Farm to Table: Where to Buy Local Produce in Irvine

The Brown Eyed Girls Kitchen Co., a purveyor of vegan artisan jams, features autumnal flavors like cherry amaretto, blueberry brandy vanilla and pluot thyme.

Shaun Baek and Ryan Jung

On a bright Saturday morning, local farmers, producers and craftspeople collectively gather at the Irvine Farmers Market, located outside of Mariners Church. Vendors sell their fresh produce and handcrafted products directly to customers to build and support their local community.

For nearly 40 years, the Orange County Farm Bureau has been opening multiple farmers’ markets across Orange County, and the Irvine Farmers Market is one of nine. With the popularity of these markets, local farmer markets eliminates the middleman and bridges the gap between farmers and consumers who receive produce directly from the caretaker.