How to Dine at the Disney Food Festival

Disney’s Food and Wine Festival features a wide variety of delicious dishes among the stands.

Ava Caleca, Copy Editor

On March 2, Disney’s Food and Wine Festival opened, releasing fun new food to try. The food items feature a wide variety of savory, sweet and overall delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy. The festival opened March 2 and leaves April 12.

There are several food stands at the festival, such as: LAstyle, Citrus Grove and Peppers Cali-Ente.The best part about the festival is that the portions are relatively small, so people can sample more than one food item from each of the 13 stands. Similar to the Festival of Holidays event, food items are cheaper than any other restaurant in the parks.

At the Avocado Time station, customers can find the avocado and pepper jack petite guacamole burger for $7.75. A fan favorite that is also very popular at Disney World’s Food and Wine Festival is the Strawberry and Coconut Rice “Frushi” from Strawberry Patch for $4.50. The “Frushi” includes a sweet Oikos greek nonfat yogurt wasabi sauce and showcases a strawberry flavor.

“I would have to say that my favorite item this year is the jalapeño popper mac ‘n’ cheese,” Disney employee Ashley said.

The jalapeño popper mac ‘n’ cheese can be purchased for $7.50 at the Peppers Cali-Ente booth, located across from the entrance to Bug’s Land. Other items at this station include the verlasso sustainable salmon peruvian poke and watermelon lemonade.

Another popular booth this year at the festival is Off the Cob. Try shrimp boil tacos with andouille sausage and fresh corn-on-the-cob for $7. This spot is also home to the caramel popcorn crispy treat and sweet corn nuggets with beef chili. A unique drink known as popcorn lemonade is also sold here. This drink contains whipped cream and a candy corn garnish to top the beverage off.

Similar to the Festival of Holidays, an annual passholder package can be purchased, which helps customers save money. Passholders have the opportunity to pay only $45 for eight food items. Many of the cast members have stated that spending the pass on savory foods saves more money than spending the pass on desserts. The Food and Wine Festival is the perfect place to eat in April during a vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth.