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Pop and Hip Hop Singer Post Malone showcased his top hits at Stavernfestivalen in July 2018. He is expected to perform hit songs from his new 2019 album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” at next year’s festival.

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At the age of 24, Post Malone has arrived as a dominant force within the hip hop industry, combining both his genreless voice with grungy lyrical bars in order to distinguish himself from other artists. After starting his career with two successful albums, “Stoney”, which focused more on sad, soulful ballads with prominent bass, and “Beerbongs and Bentleys”, which allowed for more lyrically-skilled rapping, Malone’s third album is a nice conglomerate of those skills, making it the most complete of his discography.

The 17-song studio album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, released on Sept. 6, and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts, featuring several prominent songs from the Billboard Hot 100. For the purpose of this list, ranking the top five songs from “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, the most well-known songs are not being included, instead focusing on the core of the album.

5. “Enemies (feat. DaBaby)”
Enemies is arguably the closest track to Malone’s style on “Beerbongs and Bentleys.” With an addictive bridge and star, DaBaby contributes to the starpower and obvious virality of the song. Malone reminisces on his rise to stardom by highlighting one of the key changes in his life: a lack of trustworthy friends.

4. “A Thousand Bad Times”
One of the most distinctive songs of Malone’s album and reminiscent of “Stoney”, “A Thousand Bad Times” purely represents the evolution of his style, perfectly syncing crooning lyrics with a more upbeat hip-hop feel to create an amazing dance song.

3. “Take What You Want (feat. Ozzy Ozbourne and Travis Scott)”
This soulful ballad is not a surprise for Malone’s listeners, given his rich discography and collaborations in the past. Osbourne carries the track to its unique success, and the definite croaking in the intro helps connect his verses with Scott’s more upbeat hip-hop style, providing a pleasant surprise of starkly different artists.

2. “Die For Me (ft. Future and Halsey)”
A classic hip-hop dance song, Malone makes the song a hit from the beginning with his soulful vocals. Future’s verse provides a nice contrast to Malone while also displaying amazing vocal skills for the artist, who is more well-known for fast rapping, hitting impressive high notes. Halsey brings the song to another level, bringing a contrasting feminine voice to the story of the song.

1. “Hollywood’s Bleeding”
It is not often that a titular song is one of the best on the album, as it usually serves as a window into the rest of the tracks. However, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” perfectly balances the crooning from Malone with a hot transition into a trap hook reminiscent of his other top hits. It is only fitting that a song that serves as the epitome of Malone’s theme sits at the top of the rankings.

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