Let’s Get This Bread: A Fully-Baked Review of the Best Asian Bakery Items


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Buo Luo Bao is a sweet pineapple crusted bun with sweet condensed milk on the inside, and is one of the tastiest sweet asian breads.

Jordan Lee and Shawyan Rooein

From pork-filled buns to creamy sugar pastries, Asian bakeries deliver a unique flavor to enthusiastic food connoisseurs. However, there are varieties of bakery items to choose from at an asian bakery, and it can be hard to pick out just one! For both experienced bread eaters and those new to this glutinous indulgence, here are a few of our favorite Asian bakery items and where to buy them.

Char Siu Bao (Barbeque Pork-Filled Glazed Bun): Popular among Chinese bakeries and Dim Sum restaurants, Char Siu Bao is arguably the tastiest bun out there. Filled with sweet yet savory barbeque pork that is stuffed inside glazed bread, it provides a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. Our favorite bun is from 85 Degree Bakery.

Buo Luo Bao (Sugar-Filled Pineapple Bread): Originated from Hong Kong, this dried-pineapple-covered bun is the perfect match for those with a sweet tooth. Each bite encompasses a mix of sweet flavors and the sugar on the inside crumbles delightfully in your mouth. We highly recommend J. J. Bakery’s Buo Luo Bao.

Red Bean Bun (Custard Filling): No matter where you get the bun, this sweet treat is a sure hit among dessert lovers. Inside the glazed baked bread is a smooth filling that melts in your mouth. Although it is not as traditional as some of the other bakeries on our list, Paris Baguette has one of our favorite red bean buns.

Pork Sung/Onion Bread: Topped with Pork Sung, a form of shredded pork and green onion, this bakery item is a less common choice among bun eaters but nonetheless a delicious choice. Pork sung has a light and slightly crunchy texture that adds a touch of sweetness to the otherwise plain bread. This texture is an acquired taste and may feel like eating floss at first! For those who do not enjoy this unique topping, green onion bread is a great choice as it gives the bun a slightly sweet and salty kick. Our favorite bun is from 99 Ranch Market.

Hot Dog Bun: This Chinese bakery classic is a perfect balance between a savory and sweet dessert. Even by itself, the dough encompassing the hot dog is extremely tasty. Best served warm, this gourmet item is a perfect fit for those looking for a less-sugary dessert. We recommend the Hot Dog Bun at 99 Ranch Market.

There is an Asian bakery bun for everyone, and it takes time (and lots of eating) to find the perfect one for you. We hope this review helps you pick out your next sweet or savory treat!