Nathan Lo Takes Photography to the Next Level


Photo by Simrat Singh

Working hard during his art studio class, Nathan Lo works to draw his difficult scenery photos.

Junhee Ryu and Simrat Singh

As the waterfall flowed in the mountains, freshman Nathan Lo began to look around as he attempted to approach the best angle for the photo. Such dedication was why Lo’s skills in photography and visual imagery were recognized as May’s Artist of Month. Lo focuses on nature and landscape photography, which involves a great amount of concentration in order to determine the best angles to produce the highest quality pictures.

“I just kind of practice seeing more details around the world around me, and I also learn a lot in visual imagery about how the camera works,” Lo said. “In photography, I try to put meaning into my pictures, but then I also pay attention to composition and lighting, but mainly composition.”

Art teacher Kearci Moir nominated Lo because of his dedication to the visual art programs, as he is willing to put in the extra time and effort to look for the best possible picture. Lo often posts his shots on his Instagram account with some of his more memorable pictures from his vacation.

“Nathan is one of the hardest workers I have, and he is in this class, my art studio, as well as my visual imagery,” Moir said. “He is someone that I can always count on to get his work done without me having to remind him. He’s just that student who is very focused, driven, knows what he is doing, and wants to be the best photographer and artist that he can be.”

Lo, also a member of the track team, often has difficulty finding time to take pictures due to his busy schedule. However, when he is at vacation or has free time, he utilizes his time to constantly improve his skills.

“You’ve gotta have meaning behind photography when you are doing it, and you have to be excited while you are doing it, otherwise the pictures will turn out bad,” Lo said.