No Limits for Lam


Priscilla Baek

Madison Lam stretches on the field in preparation for her dynamic warm-up and track strides.

Priscilla Baek and Simrat Singh

High school students are already busy as it is but add in a tiring three-hour practice to a long list of homework, and some students cannot handle the demands it takes to be a student-athlete. One student-athlete who has conquered her workload is sophomore Madison Lam, an accomplished cross country and track runner.

Following in the footsteps of her father Dr. Nam Lam, Madison Lam first started running when she attended Jeffrey Trail Middle School as a way to meet new people and prepare for her high school athletics career.

“I think running is interesting because it tests how much pain people can take. It’s a sport that only involves your body and mind. There are no limits,” Madison Lam said.

Since joining cross country her freshman year, she has made many close friends, including Isabel Green and Chris Choung, and have earned awards along the way.

“She was MVP for cross country and MVP for girls track last year. She was a top 10 long jumper and part of a top 10 relay team,” track head coach Gus Garcia said. “She is looking to improve on this next year.”

Madison Lam is accomplished in not only sports but also academics as she is enrolled in many honors classes such as American Literature and Chemistry. She upholds a high GPA and work ethic so that she can reach her goal of becoming an orthodontist in the future.

Madison Lam say she always tries her hardest regardless of what the workout or assignment includes, practicing P.R.I.D.E. values and setting an example for all athletes. She says her dad is a big motivator and pushes her to work hard.

“We try our best to really celebrate every single event that Madison participated in. Rarely, do we miss a race that Madi is in. Usually, we missed the race because there’s a work conflict, but if we are available, we always do our best to be there to support and motivate Madi. The race itself is just a day to demonstrate how hard you have worked the weeks to months before that. That’s another motivation,” Dr. Nam Lam said. “In our family, we have this tradition of celebrating when we have a good outcome in an event, and a lot of that has to do with going to a nice restaurant and having a family dinner.”

Currently, Madison Lam is preparing for the track season, which she says can be extremely difficult and hard on her lungs. Though many can lose motivation, Madison Lam finds her drive to continue in the people she surrounds herself with including her number one supporter: her father.

“When I’m extremely tired, and I feel like dying, I just think of my family, my friends or other people I love and care about. That helps me do a lot better,” Madison Lam said.

Madison Lam is pushing the limits of her body, her mind and Portola’s running legacy.