Over 35 New Courses, Only 8 Periods

Priscilla Baek and Ali Elmalky

Students met with parents and advisement teachers to finalize their 2018-19 course schedules during spring conferences, the week of April 17-20. Many passion-focused classes were made available as well as multiple Advanced Placement courses, or APs, creating a wide spectrum of course offerings.

Within the humanities, the literary and language arts department has offered specialized subjects,with the Art of Storytelling being the most popular elective. The social studies department has also focused on different decades and cultural factors; many incoming juniors expressed interest in Disney Through the Decades.

Humanities is not the only academic discipline to welcome new courses, as the science and mathematics departments have created multiple APs. Many incoming juniors chose to double in the science field with AP Biology and AP Physics paired together in their schedules.

Increased fitness opportunities in physical education encompass a greater range of abilities. Advanced Weight Training and varsity sports will give experienced athletes a greater challenge, while beginner-friendly classes will better fit new athletes. It is expected there will be big increases in marching band, color guard and dance with incoming freshmen.

Students not pursuing careers in the departments mentioned have the opportunity to improve their talents as well. The visual and performing arts department has expanded to cover wider student interest, such as Ceramics and AP Music Theory. The most popular elective for the next sophomore class was Yearbook. Many incoming sophomores and freshmen will take Ceramics to cover their art credit.

“Next year, I’ll be taking ceramics,” sophomore Benjamin Lee said. “You use your mind to envision and create something with your own hands. It’s a really interesting experience, and I’m looking forward to it.”