Portola Prepares for a Spirited Tour Across America


Priscilla Baek

Sophomore Patrick Connolly eagerly grabs the sponge from his Pegasus teammate.

Priscilla Baek and Annie Qiao

From the Big Apple to the Hawaiian Islands, ASB portrays this year’s theme of “Road-Tripping across the U.S.A.” through an activity-filled week leading up to Forthcoming. Lunchtime events and games related to iconic American cities are being held each day on campus from Oct. 2-6.

“The purpose of Forthcoming Spirit Week is to get the students hyped up for the actual dance and football game. Also, the halftime show is happening on the same day as the game, so [ASB] wants them to be enthusiastic about it,” student representative Kyle Sugita said.

On Monday, students participated in a Hawaiian activity outside of the theater. Throughout the game, students worked with their house members to collect the most water in their buckets using sponges. Pegasus house won, and participating students received candy. ASB members, decked out in tacky tourist outfits, oversaw the event while their peers cheered.

“When you can see your bucket was the most filled, it definitely gave me pride,” sophomore Patrick Connolly, one of the winners, said. “It’s going to be very exciting seeing what ASB brings for the students, especially the cowboy-themed event.”

In addition to Honolulu Monday and Nashville Tuesday, Hollywood Wednesday and New York Thursday will also provide more chances to win prizes. At the end of the week, there will be a pep rally dedicated to both fall sports and the Forthcoming dance.

“We want the students to know that ASB is here, and we want them to have a good time. We also want them to get a real high school experience,” girls spirit and rally commissioner Lauren Hwang said.