Rachel Abalos’ ‘Dorothy Gale’ Will Blow You Away


Photo Courtesy of Aneska Smith

Along with freshmen Eric Hao, Youssef Yassin and Ian Aros, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” lead Rachel Abalos rehearses her lines and songs tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the May musical.

Jane Zou and Dylan Thakarar

Somewhere over the rainbow stands freshman Rachel Abalos as lead character Dorothy Gale in the upcoming musical, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” She, alongside the entire cast and orchestra, went through a sitzprobe, the first rehearsal that incorporates both instruments and cast, on March 30. For many students in the production, the sitzprobe is a milestone and representation of everyone’s talents.

During the sitzprobe, Abalos recited her dialogue with the rest of the cast and worked on integrating her singing voice with the orchestra.

Abalos’ most significant song that she will sing is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” iconic to the 1939 movie adaptation starring Judy Garland. The song is prevalent in her school and church choirs.

In addition to Garland’s portrayal of Dorothy as brave and confident, Abalos’s Dorothy is an optimistic girl who loves to sing.

“I can use her to portray a message,” Abalos said. “I want people to know that through all the troubles, you can keep singing through them: perseverance.”

Freshman Ian Aros plays the Cowardly Lion and has been working side-by-side with Abalos for two plays since middle school. The Cowardly Lion is Abalos’ favorite character because of his character development from a passive lion to a resilient and compassionate friend.

Aros claims Abalos’ performances in middle school were astonishing and breathtaking, and that Abalos is a perfect fit for Dorothy based on the character’s physical descriptions and mentality.

“I think Rachel plays the perfect Dorothy because she [is] a very nice, sweet and petite actor,” Aros said. “The character Dorothy is very nice and believes in standing up for her friends no matter the enemy.”

The musical will be showing in the theater May 3-5 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase on the school website.