S3 Episode 01: Clowns, Ghouls and Killers: A Reflection on the Horror Genre

The Portola Pioneer is the official news and culture podcast of the Portola Pilot, aiming to foster a sense of community and provide a unique storytelling medium to its listeners.

With Halloween quickly approaching, host Arshia Sista and speakers Dheeksha Bhima Reddy, Arnav Chandan, Aditi Salunkhe and Parmin Zamani discuss the appeal of the horror genre and their personal experiences with it.

Music Credits:

“Castle on the Dead Hill” – Vladimir Takinov

“Dark Walk” – Kevin MacLeod

“The Path of the Goblin King v2” – Kevin MacLeod

“Steps of an Invisible Man” – Vladimir Takinov

“Waltz Under the Moon” – Vladimir Takinov

“Mystery of a Haunted Memory” – Jon Presstone

“Darkest Child” – Kevin MacLeod