Setting Traditions for Winter Formal

Jenny Zhang, Staff Writer

When Winter Formal approached, ASB dedicated its time to making this dance an unforgettable memory that students will cherish long after the year is over. While other schools have had many years to create their own traditions, our campus is still exploring interesting  and unique traditions that will enrich its Winter Formal ambiance.

By considering the best of what others have experienced at their schools while also considering new ideas from Portola’s student body, the school can establish traditions that will remain for many years to come.  

One highlight at many high schools is the selection of a Winter Formal court. This is a long-held tradition in which candidates are nominated not just for their academic achievements but also for their active participation in different extracurriculars, including sports and clubs. Winter Formal kings and queens are usually students who feel comfortable being around their peers and enjoy equally strong relationships with school staff. The student selection process encourages students to improve their images to become strong representatives of the school.

The traditional “asking out” process has become very different over time as well. Male students may think they are the ones who should take the initiative to ask their “princesses” to the dance. However, here we have the opportunity to change this custom by encouraging both genders to step forward and take the bold initiative by inviting.

One long-standing tradition that has fallen out of favor is the old-fashioned style of Winter Formal with a live band and slow dancing. Perhaps our ASB would consider reviving this tradition to the delight of some students.

“Some traditions I expect are typical slow dancing between people who asked each other to formal,” freshman Adena Aguilar said.

Though some traditions might be discarded while others are reintroduced, one thing is clear. Sophomores attending last year’s Winter Formal recognized the need for improvements at future school dances.

“I definitely would have liked to see more decorations in the room itself as well as outside that related more with the overall theme,” sophomore Grace Tu said.

Whatever trends students develop at the Winter Formal and future dances and events throughout the year, it is clear that at least one tradition should be considered: we need to implement a court like most other schools do. It will make our school dances more exciting and entertaining.