Continuing the Second Day of Fine Arts Week On Pointe with the Dance Department


Photo by Ava Caleca

As the opening routine for the second day of Fine Arts Week, Dance 2 and Company performed their collaboration piece, including a mashup of Jason Derulo and Jax Jones.

Ava Caleca, Staff Writer

Dance Company, Dance 1 and Dance 2 performed during lunch for Fine Arts Week, their show featured two dances in front of the administration building. The dance team’s performances included throwbacks to past routines from the Winter Pep Rally and from the “Breaking Ground” concert.

“My favorite one is ‘Iconic’ because it actually is iconic with all the music, and it’s more of my taste other than contemporary,” dance company performer and sophomore Jasmine Asami said.

Unfortunately, the routine for “Iconic” was not performed at the event due to technical difficulties, however the performances “Winter Pep Rally” and “Mic Drop” were included.

The performance lasted through most of lunch, and many students left their lunch tables to watch the performance. At the very end of the performance, all of the dancers welcomed students in the audience to join in the cha cha slide.

It was clear when watching the performance that dance members were having a great time performing the choreography with their friends.

“It definitely brought people who have the same interests as me, and it also brought true friends along the way,” Asami said.

The performance at lunch included various performers from different classes who danced to songs songs such as “If I’m Lucky” by Jason Derulo and “Mic Drop” by BTS.  For some dancers, there is a certain genre that they are more passionate about than others.

“For dance, you have to follow what it is, but you can add your own style into it, so you can see how people have different styles even though it’s the same dance movement,” freshman Stella Hee said.