Stay Stylish and Safe in the Pandemic with These Masks


Bia Shok

Although fabric masks are not a direct substitution for medical-grade masks, the CDC encourages the use of fabric face masks among citizens as it can reduce the spread of the virus. Masks must fit properly and should be machine washed regularly in order to most effectively prevent transmission.

Bia Shok, Staff Writer

With many of the disposable professional grade N95 respirators, surgical masks and KN95 masks experiencing a shortage in stock, people have been turning to reusable cloth masks to protect themselves when running errands or jogging around the neighborhood. 

These are just some of the popular options on the market that will allow you to support local businesses and give yourself a unique look in the crowd of plain masks.

Birdwell Beach Britches

Expected Delivery: 2-3 weeks after ordering

This California-based company that originally specialized in surfwear has been producing 100% cotton masks due to the pandemic. Its $19.95 masks are not the cheapest, but they are worth the cost; with every mask purchased, another mask is donated to CORE, a non-profit working to provide free drive-through testing for high-risk individuals. The company also provides a large range of designs to sport surfer spirit while grocery shopping. 


Expected Delivery: 1-2 weeks after ordering

Headquartered in Los Angeles, this simple and modern bedding company manufactures masks that reflect their elegant style. If you are looking for a simpler design and cheaper than the previous option, this basic cotton mask is the one for you. You get five masks for $25, making each mask $5. They also offer an option to buy masks to donate to local essential workers!

Make your own!

Expected Delivery: 30-60 min.

If you do not want to wait a couple weeks for your mask orders to come, you can make your own face masks with varying styles and designs.  A common face mask can be made with scraps of clothing around the house, and a no-sew mask can be made with a commonly found bandana.

Fabric masks can be just as effective as medical-grade masks when used properly and washed frequently, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The next time you go for a doctor’s appointment or a stroll outside, make sure to incorporate fabric masks into your fashion to protect yourself and others from the virus.