Students Audition for Irvine Talk’s Second Chapter


William Hsieh

Entering Irvine Talk’s second year, students will showcase their many perspectives on the world around them. Their performances starting with the initial audition on Nov. 6 will flip, turn and change the way the community views the real world.

Jordan Lee, Front Page Editor

After its inaugural event last year, Irvine Talks will host its second event on Dec. 15 in the Portola theater. This year, student artists, bands and speakers will be given opportunity to audition to be a part of the performance.

Irvine Talks offers a platform for students to express themselves that just isn’t always offered at the high school level,” President of Irvine Talks and University High student Douglas Son said. “They can discuss issues such as mental health, love and loss in an environment that is nothing but supportive.”

Each year, the program recruits a handful of students to express their stories that  connect to the year’s theme. Last year’s performance’s theme was “be human”, and this year’s is “perspective.”

“I’ve always said that Irvine Talks is one of those things that could change your life and how you see it,” junior Portola High representative for Irvine Talks Liz Moerman said. “That’s a big reason we chose the theme perspectives; you come out of the show with an entirely new view on the people who performed and the things they talked about.”

Any student can audition. Participants are encouraged to speak from the heart and tell a genuine story.  All art and music videos for bands are due Nov. 26.

“As a prior Irvine Talks candidate, be yourself. Be outgoing, and do not be afraid to be comfortable and confident,” junior and 2017 Irvine Talks participant Alex Beltran said. “Most of all, enjoy the experience, have fun with it!”