Students Dodge Stress with ASB Dodgeball Tournament


Ki Joon Lee

Freshman Josh Collins of “The Freshmen” attempts to extend his team’s advantage on the court by taking out his next target on “The Cozy Boys.”

Ki Joon Lee and Tiffany Wu

ASB held a dodgeball tournament from Dec. 10-14 the gym in an event that allowed students and teachers to collaborate through a fun lunchtime activity. After a week’s worth of tournaments, the final round will be held during the winter pep rally.

“I think athletics events are always fun between teachers and students,” social studies teacher Wind Ralston said. “It gets teachers out there, and you guys get to see us in a little bit of a different way. I keep preaching to students that high school’s not all about academics, so I’ve got to practice what I preach.”

Integrating a charitable cause, the tournament required each dodgeball team to donate four items to the Toys for Tots drive in order to participate.

“The idea for the entrance fee was really just pulled on prior knowledge from other schools, which use one ASB event to help publicize the other,” ASB president Jason Chen said. “Another club that did this was the Concerts for Charity club that had their admission fee for their concert as two cans for our canned food drive donation.”

Eight teams consisting of eight to nine students and one staff member entered the competition. Team names included: “Legion of Boom,” “Leg Breakers,” “LSU,” “Cozy Boys,” “The Freshmen,” “The Wrestling Team,” “The Invasion” and “Richard’s Team.” The winning team’s name will be engraved in an annual dodgeball tournament trophy.

“I participated because I thought it was interesting and because I get to play with my friends. I really wanted to destroy the other teams, have some fun and win,” participant and freshman Ameen Sedehi said. “Also, it’s really good because we get to give back to the kids.”

Update: Congratulations to “Legion of Boom” for winning the tournament. The winners included Luke Chen, Collin Chung, Patrick Connolly, Kaeden Foucart, Jamison King, Josh Liu, Tyler Sylvester and advisor Adrian Rangle-Sanchez.