Students Travel Across the U.S.A. in Forthcoming Halftime Show


Photo by Helena Hu

Freshman Ashley Presnell leaps in the air into a perfect split during Hercules’ segment in the halftime show.

Helena Hu

Cheers could be heard around the stadium as the second annual Forthcoming halftime show took place on Oct. 7. This year’s theme, “Road-Tripping Across the U.S.A.,” featured the culture of iconic all-American cities: Honolulu, New York City, Nashville and Hollywood.

This year’s halftime show was the first time that the returning sophomores have had the help of another class to put on a show. Despite not knowing what it took to put on a halftime show, many new freshmen accepted the challenge.

“I think it’s really important to have school spirit and to represent my house,” freshman Marina Bogosian said.

The halftime show blasted famous pop music by artists from the represented cities. Students jumped around in unison and showed off their best dance moves with challenging choreography. ASB vice president and sophomore Jason Chen said he believed there had been a drastic change between the quality of this year and last year’s show.

“It is definitely a great experience knowing that people are getting more involved in our ASB activities this year, and I can only wait for two years when we have a full class, and we can start creating props of a grander scale,” Chen said.

WIth long rehearsals leading up to the week of the Forthcoming game, each house worked tirelessly to create choreography for the participants, and to paint props and backdrops.

“It’s different than last year’s because the students knew the problems that happened last year and how to change them this year,” ASB adviser Sarah Dean said. “It’s been cool to see the sophomores take charge at rehearsals and be able to lead the freshmen.”