Three Box Office Releases to Look Forward on Valentine’s Day


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion to watch movies with loved ones. With the rise of video streaming services many opt for film nights at home, but new releases such as “Spy Intervention” and “The Photograph” will have you and your date at the edge of your seats.

Ajinkya Rane, Co-Managing Editor

What do long lines at floral shops, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and sparkling diamond necklaces all have in common? They all explode in frequency during this romantic time of the year. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many will expect theaters to be filled with romantic films. However, this year’s box office selection will feature a variety of movies, from action-filled thrillers to animated comedies.

“Sonic the Hedgehog”
Initially blasted on social media for its human-like animation of the protagonist, “Sonic the Hedgehog” is looking to make a strong comeback. With comedic acting from Jim Carrey and Ben Schwartz paired with an upbeat soundtrack, this Hollywood rendition of the classic video game is slated to be an exciting watch for all ages. This is a great view for younger siblings and family members, so make this film a family outing.

“Spy Intervention”
This comedic take on the classic spy genre is bound to be a fan favorite regardless of its audience. With a vibrant and up-and-coming cast including a strong leading performance from Drew Van Acker and impressive computer-generated effects, this former indie movie combines the action from franchises such as “Bond” and “Kingsman” with the buddy cop humor of “Rush Hour.” This is an excellent watch for going out with friends, so you can grab dinner and head out to this enjoyable experience afterwards.

“The Photograph”
Although variety is important, this Valentine’s Day list would not be complete without one romantic drama. Issa Rae’s portrayal of Mae Morton accompanied by the diverse supporting cast is a great watch, especially during Black History Month. “The Photograph” is an excellent date-night film and will surely bring you and your date to tears or set the right mood for the rest of the evening.