Top 5 Super Bowl LII Ads


Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Sports Table

For most 30-second ads during the Super Bowl, the average cost is over $5 million. Companies have to make the most of every second of the ad they decide show.

Anthony Chan, Photo Editor

Super Bowl LII finished with Philadelphia Eagles taking the win 41-33 against New England Patriots on Feb. 4, and while the game was memorable, companies paid large amounts of money to advertise their products during one of the most highly anticipated sports games of the year. Out of the many commercials showcased, these five advertisements stood out as the best.

5) Jack in the Box

Jack arrives upset during Martha Stewart’s “live” cooking show to compete his chicken burger against hers. While they bicker, Jack mocks Stewart, leading to Stewart pulling Jack’s nose off. They introduce a hashtag for Jack against Stewart, and Jack in the Box is fit for being one of the best Super Bowl ads.

4) Michelob

Actor Chris Pratt is working out and living life to its fullest to become a potential main role in a Michelob beer advertisement. In the end, he is put in line with other  extras, as if no one knows about his popularity. The actions Pratt goes through during the commercial are related to his funny and comical personality and makes the beer ad interesting and enjoyable for the audience.

3) Hyundai

Hyundai’s heart-warming commercial has people walk through a security checkpoint. Some people are sent to another room where they watch a video about how buying a Hyundai donates money to a cancer research charity; then, the person in the video comes out of a door to thank them for their help in saving one or many lives. Rather than using humor, Hyundai pulls at the heartstrings of the audience by demonstrating what buying a Hyundai can do.

2) Alexa

Alexa loses her voice one day and is filled in by popular celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Sir Anthony Hopkins, taking over Alexa’s job. It contains many scenes of people asking Alexa, only to be responded to by a celebrity doing the job wrong, often in a humorous way. The jokes and references made during the commercial were interesting, making Alexa a memorable product.

1) Tide

Tide’s ad starts with a calming typical car ad scene starring actor David Harbour (“Stranger Things”), but then Harbour questions if this is just a typical car ad. A few scenes later, Harbour boringly states how this is just a Tide ad, since every single ad has someone wearing a clean shirt. Harbour’s acting and how Tide pokes fun at other ads make the commercial funny for the full minute cause Tide to earn the title for best ad.