Try These Popular New TikTok Trends At Home

1. First, gather the ingredients: instant coffee, sugar and milk. 2. Add two teaspoons of instant coffee. 3. Add two teaspoons of hot water and two teaspoons of sugar. 4. Whisk the mixture. 5. After around 10 minutes, the mixture should be lighter in color and stiff peaks should form. 6. Pour the mixture on top of your preferred milk and enjoy!

Ariana Wu, Staff Writer

If you have spent the past few weeks binge-watching new shows like “Tiger King” or aimlessly scrolling through the TikTok For You page, you are not alone. Since Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order on March 19, many people have found themselves with an abundance of free time. In fact, daily average traffic has gone up by 79.4% for Houseparty, 16% for Netflix and 15.4% for TikTok, according to the New York Times. 

Many TikTokers have been creating videos with recipes or crafts to try while bored in quarantine. The most popular topic by far has been whipped coffee: a three-ingredient beverage with a deliciously fluffy topping. 

This drink originates in South Korea and is referred to as dalgona coffee. While it bears resemblance to Starbucks’ famous frappuccinos, its appeal comes from the coffee’s smooth froth.

“Even though whipped coffee takes a while to make, the end result is so fluffy and aesthetically pleasing, so I think it’s definitely worth it,” sophomore Natalie Ho said. “I have more time in the mornings now, so I like to take my time with it whenever I make it.”

For those looking to spice up their wardrobe, bleaching denim is a simple craft that will leave you with a unique article of clothing with white accents instead of ordinary blue denim. 

“I saw a video on TikTok about this girl who bleached her pants, so I tried it on my denim skirt,” senior Jessalyn Nguyen said. “It didn’t take long, and it was a good way to spend time since I’m really bored without school and my friends. It came out alot better than I actually expected, and I love that no one else has this same skirt.” 

Apps like TikTok are helping people stay connected in a period of social distancing, and these new crafts are creative ways to help pass time. Although social gatherings are banned, try painting album covers, cooking a new breakfast, or having a photoshoot in your room to still have fun while staying safe!