What’s For Lunch?


Abby Hopper

As Portola welcomes more student drivers, the demand for affordable, off-campus quick bites increases. There are a number of places around school with quality meals that students should know about.

Abby Hopper and Ariana Wu

A new school in its third year, Portola High offers numerous benefits to its students. However, proximity to shopping centers is not one of them. As a result, many students feel that they have no choice but to stay at school during lunch.

“Because lunch is only 30 minutes, many students are afraid that they will not be able to come back to school in time because of the short time restraints,” junior Noora Roushdy said. “Also, many students do not know many lunch places to go to.”

Surprisingly, there are still numerous places student drivers can quickly stop by during lunch to grab a bite.

“My favorite place to go is the Woodbury Town Center because there is a nice variety of restaurants, and it is conveniently located nearby,” student driver and sophomore Sherwin Salehi said.

If students are worried about not making it back in time for class, there are many restaurants at the Woodbury Town Center, such as Panera Bread, that have an “order-online” option, allowing students to quickly pick up their food and come back to campus with more than enough time.

For those seeking lunch places different from the numerous drive-thrus, Seafresh Poke and Rachel’s Mexican Food are two hole-in-the-wall restaurants that many students may not know about. Both are the closest lunch places to Portola High and offer call-in orders.

Next time you are considering leaving campus during lunch, feel free to utilize the infographic and pick someplace both nearby and delicious!