World Cup Predictions 2018


Priscilla Baek and Simrat Singh

Group A: Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay

  • Uruguay can easily win because the team has the best player on the field in this group: Luis Suarez.
  • Russia has the ability to win because the country has the home-field advantage as they are the team that is hosting the World Cup.

Group B: Iran, Morocco, Portugal, Spain

  • Portugal can make it out of the group because they have the best player on the field at all times with Cristiano Ronaldo, the front-runner to win the Ballon d’Or, which represents the best player of the year, as well as a cohesive team that won the 2016 Euros.
  • Spain can make it out of the group because its entire team is filled with legendary stars as one of the front-runners to win the entire World Cup with legendary Andres Iniesta playing in his final World Cup.

Group C: Australia, Denmark, France, Peru

  • Denmark is a more skilled squad boasting talents such as Christian Eriksen, which will allow the team to slide by Australia and Peru.
  • France is also one of the front-runners of the World Cup race with talents such as Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba and many more skilled players involved in their second place finish during the 2016 Euros.

Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria

  • Argentina has arguably one of the greatest players of all time in Lionel Messi and they were the runner-up in the 2014 Rio World Cup, allowing them to able to make it past the group stage.
  • The Croatian national team boasts several players from the best teams in the world including Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Mario Mandzukic.

Group E: Brazil, Costa Rica, Serbia, Switzerland

  • Brazil placed fourth in the 2014 Rio World Cup boasting a talented squad with the talented Neymar, in addition to Hulk and other skilled players.
  • Costa Rica, while not the best team, has a squad that is more skilled than those of Serbia and Switzerland.

Group F: Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Sweden

  • Germany was the winner of the 2014 Rio World Cup and has one of the greatest rosters of all time, consisting of many players that were on the winning team last year.
  • Mexico is a very solid team with the skilled Javier Hernandez leading the team, which should power the team over the very talented South Korea and Sweden national teams.

Group G: Belgium, England, Panama, Tunisia

  • Belgium has a team consisting of several skilled players with Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku serving as the powerful attack force that should deal a heavy blow to any team in the tournament.
  • England has a well-rounded team that can make it out of the group lead by the play of Harry Kane.

Group H: Colombia, Japan, Poland, Senegal

  • Colombia should be able to make it out of the group due to the play of James Rodriguez, who is one of the most promising and skilled young players of the current generation.
  • Japan, while not boasting the most flashy or well-known names, has a very skilled team that can allow it to outplay Poland and Senegal.