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The Iris Episode 2: The Reign of King COVID the 19th

The Iris Episode 2: The Reign of King COVID the 19th

Ajinkya Rane and Jordan Lee
May 28, 2020

Jordan and Ajinkya tackle what's on everyone's mind - the Coronavirus. With guests spanning from a Portola student facing difficulties with asthma medication and a physician specializing in pediatric emergency...

With the help of semi-permanent dyes, junior Kailyn Pham is among the many students experimenting with different hair colors since the start of quarantine. Dark silver locks are only the most recent of Pham’s several hair transformations in the past few months.

Students Become their Own Quarantine Hairstylists

Kelthie Truong, Back Page Editor
May 26, 2020

  With hair salons among the many closures of non-essential businesses, students have taken hair transformations into their own hands, flaunting everything from brightly-colored hair to clean-shaven...

Hope Squad members aim to create a safe school environment, promote connectedness, support anti-bullying, encourage mental wellness, reduce mental health stigma and prevent substance misuse, according to the website.

Hope Squad Supports Students Virtually In Midst of Pandemic

Bia Shok, Staff Writer
May 21, 2020

Hope Squad has shifted from meeting at office hours or lunch once a week, to meeting every Friday via Zoom to discuss and find ways to support peers struggling with mental health throughout quarantine.  Hope...

This year’s election is anything but traditional, and presidential candidates should strive to create realistic policy goals.

Healthcare and Voting Advocacy are Crucial to a Presidential Victory

Ajinkya Rane, Co-Managing Editor
May 21, 2020

While choosing between Joe Biden and Donald Trump seemed like an important decision just over a month ago, it has become a distant memory in light of recent threats of nationwide layoffs and overflowing...

Protests have spawned across California in an act to challenge the state’s stay-at-home order and social distancing restrictions.

Stay-at-Home Protests Inspire Economic and Social Resurgence within California, Starting with OC Beaches

Ryne Dunman, Contributing Writer
May 20, 2020

Amid Gov. Gavin Newsom’s crippling stay-at-home lockdown, sporadic protests have erupted across California. While state officials are slow to act with the state’s economic decline and continue to extend...

Before Coronavirus cases increased exponentially in California, heavy waves of pollution in the air caused by combustion and crowds of people led to faded views of mountains and landscapes. Following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s enactment of a stay-at-home order on March 19, combustion on the roads and during gatherings have decreased 48% along with traffic according to U.S. News.

Why the Coronavirus has Helped the Environment

Aadi Mehta, Contributing Writer
May 20, 2020

Although the pandemic continues to overwhelm healthcare systems globally, lockdown measures by state and world leaders have reduced pollution and helped the environment become more sustainable.  According...

A Ralphs employee, Marko, sanitizes carts to ensure the safety of customers. While Ralphs still maintains its normal operating hours as they are necessary for providing residents food and day-to-day essentials, they have implemented precautions that reduce risk of customers contracting the virus.

Governor Announces Modifications to Gradually Reopen

Bia Shok, Staff Writer
May 19, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced modifications to gradually reopen the state on May 12, dealing mainly with restrictions that industries and businesses need to follow. The update was a  follow-up to the initial...

The American Journal of Public Health found nearly 45,000 annual deaths are associated with lack of health insurance. According to a West Health-Gallup survey, an estimated 34 million people, one in eight American adults, say in the last five years they have had at least one friend or family member who died after being unable to afford medical treatment for their condition.

Stop Deaths Caused by America’s Healthcare System

Bia Shok, Staff Writer
May 14, 2020

With hospital beds overflowing with coronavirus-infected patients, public support for universal healthcare has increased by 41%, according to a poll conducted in March by the Morning Consult. At a time...

Although the American government is based in individual freedom, people must give up some of their freedom in order to deal with crises such as COVID-19.

Leaving Home for Nonessential Reasons Will Lead to Preventable Danger

Farhad Taraporevala and Annie Qiao
May 12, 2020

With California’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order entering its fifth week, citizens are fighting back, flocking to beaches and holding protests that violate physical distancing policies. Californians should...

The homeless are cold, unbathed and also more susceptible to Coronavirus, as they do not have facilities to keep themselves hygienic. Their unsanitary conditions and already deficient health status increase the risk of these individuals contracting the virus, which also poses a threat to the public.

Helping the Homeless is Curing California

Bia Shok, Staff Writer
May 11, 2020

Just minutes away from Irvine, hundreds of individuals are unsheltered and on the streets. As of March and April of 2020, on top of their usual concerns of finding food and a place to sleep, the homeless...

Antiviral medicine remdesivir and plasma therapy are among the treatments undergoing clinical trials to determine effectiveness.

Trials for COVID-19 Treatments Show Progress

Minnah Tanzeen, Staff Writer
May 8, 2020

Results of clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments will be available as soon as mid-May from current researchers, according to Reuters. Researchers are currently testing the antiviral medicine remdesivir...

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