Craving Boba and Lunch? Get Your Fix at Class 302

Almond milk tea, honey milk tea and class 302 milk tea all mixed together with boba, passion fruit, lychee and mango jelly, almond milk tea with every single topping and thai tea with boba are just a few of the drink combinations available.

At the corner of two rows of restaurants bustling with different ethnic cuisines stands Class 302, a cozy restaurant serving delicious Tawiwanese food, including Irvine’s favorite drink: boba. While the self-serve boba station is famous, we decided to try out the full course meal.

For one of our main courses, we ordered the House Noodle Soup, arguably the best dish at Class 302. Perfect for a rainy day or when you are feeling a bit under the weather, the broth comes with a rich and deep flavour – that isn’t too salty or spicy – accompanied with firm noodles and a savory tea egg. 

If you are not a noodle type of person, the Sausage Fried Rice is another great option. The rice, egg and other vegetables come out with a light seasoning that isn’t too oily or carb-heavy. If you have had authentic Taiwanese food before, this dish will not disappoint; the overall flavor of the dish is beautifully contrasted, as the strongly seasoned sausages compliment the more gently seasoned rice. 

The popcorn chicken appetizer is the perfect snack for anyone. A must-have in any Taiwanese restaurant, the chicken is golden brown and crispy, with a crust that has a pepper kick. For those looking for a great appetizer to share with family or friends, this is the one. If you think that you can order this and eat it alone, you are sadly mistaken. By the end of eating this dish, you will have gained several friends and a fuller stomach to boot. 

In addition to all this great food, Class 302 also has some amazing boba. The restaurant’s boba is self-serve, which gives customers the freedom to put as much boba and jellies as they want. Most of the teas have a very strong milk base, but you can select from a variety of flavors, ranging from the Class 302 classic milk tea to mango green tea or almond milk tea. What makes Class 302’s drink selection unique is the tea-flavoured slushies, which contrasts wonderfully with the chewy warm boba. 

If you are looking for a place to get a snack, meal or a cup of boba the way you like it, Class 302 is definitely the place to go.