How to Get a Work Permit


More individuals ages 16-24 look for work during the summer than any other season, according to historical trends in nationwide employment data. To secure employment, students must first obtain a work permit with the counseling department.

“My boss didn’t know that I was a minor when I came in for the training,” senior Faith Kim, who works at Mochinut in Zion Market, said. “Still, she researched what to do, and then she gave me a couple of forms that I had to fill out, and it was pretty simple because I am not married nor do I have children.”

Students as young as 14 can apply for summer jobs.

Students hoping to work over the summer can apply as early as 14 years old.

“One of the great things about working and living in Irvine in particular is all the different villages have their own little associations of rec rooms in the communities, so I would suggest it’s a great way for a 14-year-old looking to find a job,” ROP career specialist Pa Shia Escoto said.

To obtain a work permit, students must meet the following eligibility criteria: be between the ages of 14-17, receive a job, and receive a certificate of health if they are between ages 14-15. The counseling department will offer work permits over the summer from June 11-July 27, Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The application for the work permit provides more information and details that are needed in order to start working.