Let’s Keep in Touch! How Seniors Can Continue Their Friendships


Bia Shok

With the development of social media such as Instagram and Snapchat, keeping in touch might seem easier than it had been. But with these unique suggestions deterring from the usual options, doing so can be more different and fun.

With the end of the school year approaching, many seniors are concerned that their friendships will drift as they attend schools far apart. However, that does not have to be the case due to these unique ways to continue long-lasting friendships. 


  • This French social media app released in 2020. BeReal sends one simultaneous notification a day, at a random time, for all individuals on the app to take a picture of the moment–front and back camera–no mercy. These random moments captured will be unexpectedly funny. You and your friends can even interact whenever or wherever you are by commenting and using the RealMoji, feature which allows you to send reactions of yourself with various facial expressions.


  • Sure this one is familiar already to many gamers and nongamers alike, but it never fails to connect individuals. Discord allows quick streaming, different games like Sketch Heads and bots that can spice up your servers. With its unique features and high accessibility, Discord will make sure you will not lag behind your friends and catching up with what they have been up to.

Shared photo albums/Instagram account photo dumps

  • Everyone loves taking photos as looking at them evokes certain memories, feelings and moments. So creating a shared photo album or a shared Instagram account to upload photo dumps with your friends is not only fun, but it also shares the emotional relevance of the moment you or your friends were in at the time. Updating them on Instagram also creates an organized grid, by date, to return to and provides an accessible comment section that you and your friends can engage in. 

Letter exchange

  • Might be a bit old school, but there is a reason why some stick to the classic paper and envelope combination. With just an address, you can send letters, postcards, film and much more over mail. What may seem simple will bring you nostalgia as well as the excitement of receiving a physical letter with personal handwriting, bled ink and all.