Pet Costumes Brighten Up COVID-Halloween



Although traditional Halloween celebrations might not be possible during quarantine, there are still many ways to make Halloween exciting. One way is by dressing up your pet in a unique costume and enjoying the special day with them.

Due to the recent circumstances with COVID-19, participating in the trick-or-treat traditions of Halloween may not be possible this year. However, this should pose a challenge to celebrate the holiday! 

With your pets at home giving you company and support every day, how about spending the special day with your pet? These pet costumes are simple and budget-friendly, using only materials you can find in your house!

Bad quarantiner costume:


  • 3 disposable masks (preferably blue)

Probably the easiest costume to make, the bad quarantiner costume is likely to grab the attention of many first-line workers that understand the struggle of facing people who wear their masks incorrectly. Place two of the masks around the top and the bottom of the head, using the ears to hold them in place. If they do not stay in place, cut a slit at the end of each loop and tie the strings together. Additionally, you could have another mask hanging on one side of the ear.

Portola spirit pet costume:


  • Portola High merchandise
    • Shirt or jersey
  • Purple accessories
    • Scrunchies
    • Hat
    • Collar

Although the spirit of Portola High may be low due to the current circumstances, it is never gone. To increase school spirit at home, dress yourself and your pet in school colors and clothing! Place all the materials on your dog however you like. This costume would look especially cool if you have a bulldog, but of course any other breed works just fine.

Beanie Baby costume:


  • Thick cardstock or cardboard
  • Color printer
  • Printer paper
  • Collar 

Most pet owners have probably thought of their pals as cuddly, soft stuffed animals before. This costume helps you fulfill your dreams of making your pet into an iconic Beanie Baby. Print the Beanie Baby logo, and glue it to cardstock paper. Fold the paper in half, making sure the logo is on the top, with the edge to the side of the fold and cut around a heart shape. Write a cute message inside the booklet, attach it to the collar, and you are done!

Starbucks pup-cup costume:


  • Thin cardboard
  • Color printer
  • Printer paper
  • Sharpie
  • Lid of Starbucks drink
  • 6 elastic ties

Most enjoy a nice, hot Starbucks coffee and a pet in different ways. For Halloween, why not enjoy them together? Print out the Starbucks logo and glue it onto the cardboard sheet. Place two elastics on each end of the cardboard and tie them together to place on the pet. Attach two elastics onto the edges of the lid and place on the pet. 

Ninja Turtle costume:


  • Plastic or tin pan
  • Green and light green paint
  • Old rags (red, purple, blue or orange)
  • Green shirt
  • Glue gun or tape

As one of the most famous children’s show during the early 2000s, many students have grown up watching “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” To bring back memories of childhood, dress your pet as a ninja turtle! Paint the tin a light green color with dark green stripes resembling a turtle shell. Cut five strips of the rag: two for the legs and one for the tail, body and neck. Tape the rag to the tin, and tie it around the body of the pet to hold it in place.