S3 Episode 05: Invest Your 97 Cents in a Notebook and Profit From Self-Growth

In this episode of the Portola Pioneer, host, co-editor-in-chief and senior Celine Lee explains how a 97-cent investment in a notebook can lead to an endless journey of self-growth, self-exploration and self-therapy. 

Music Credits:

“Jazzy Hip Hop Boom Bap” by Music Unlimited

“Elevator Music Lofi (Version 30s)” by Lesfm

“Remember Lofi Sad” by AudiolistProduction

“Like Genshin Impact Lofi (IG Version 60s)” by Lesfm

“LoFi Acoustic Guitar with HopHop Beat 0133” by TuesdayNight

“Falling- Isaiah Mathew” by Isaiah Mathew

“Into the Night- 80s Retro Synthwave” by Dream-Protocol