Self-taught Critic Justin Choi Rates Movies, TV Shows and Games

Kayla Moshayedi

Junior Justin Choi studied video essays and free YouTube lessons to learn about cinematography. Currently, he takes Video Production to learn more about camera work and filmmaking. See more on his Instagram account,

Junior Justin Choi hunches over his computer. On his computer screen, we see words come together in sentences, then in paragraphs: a movie review. Choi, a lover of film and media, has been posting twice a week on his review platform since last December. 

“All my life, I’ve been surrounded by movies and TV, and my dad really helped me discover my love for so many things, such as comics and film,” Choi said. “It’s always just been a part of my life; every week, I try to watch as many new movies as I can.”

It’s always just been a part of my life; every week, I try to watch as many new movies as I can.”

— Justin Choi

Over the summer, Choi’s review account gained newfound popularity among students, who sought distraction from the at-home monotony. 

Each review provides the readers with background information, a quick synopsis and members of the main cast. Choi then delves deeper with comments on cinematography, script writing and all-around performance. Using his A+ to F rating system, his audience finds movies of desired quality. 

“I’ve always looked online on YouTube or at other film critics and loved learning more about the art of film,” Choi said. “It brings me joy just to write even if not many people are going to see it; it’s just who cares because I just want to talk about this hobby that I love so much.” 

A quick look at his most recent reviews show lengthy and detailed-oriented commentary: evidence of hard work and time. According to frequent reader of his media reviews and junior Saachi Pavani, such work is what makes his account so interesting to read.

“Justin includes a balanced combination of his own opinion, praise and criticism for each TV show, film or game that he reviews,” Pavani said. “I like his commentary on the cast’s performances and his summary of the overall plot of the film. He articulates his thoughts so well, and his opinions are always completely authentic.”

Choi said he hopes to continue with his media reviews into college, perhaps even extend to YouTube later on.   

 “I want to be a director someday, and this is just a footstep in that direction,” Choi said.