From Shopping at Whole Foods to Stuck-at-Home Foods: Best Grocery Delivery Services

Kelthie Truong, Back Page Editor

Prior to stay-at-home orders few would have expected weekly tasks like grocery shopping to induce anxiety. But with daunting long lines and confined spaces, the prospect of simply going to the store prompts safety and health concerns for many. 

Some grocery stores have opened a window in their store hours exclusively for the elderly and immunocompromised. However, several restaurants and online delivery services are now offering alternative methods for individuals who wish to remain cautious.

Look to these produce services for stocking up the pantry and supporting local businesses, all while in the safety of your own home.

Imperfect Foods (

Imperfect Foods is a subscription-based service that delivers produce and other limited grocery and pantry items nationwide. 

The brand’s objective is to reduce food waste by purchasing and reselling food with imperfections — such as minor aesthetic flaws, surplus, etc. — from local farms and grocery stores that would otherwise be discarded despite being completely usable and safe to consume. 

With both conventional and organic options, the boxes can be customized to add, remove or swap out different products before they are delivered every Thursday.

Farm Fresh to You (

Farm Fresh to You is another California subscription-based service. Along with sourcing from the company owners’ family farm, it partners with other local farms and artisan producers to provide organic produce as well as select dairy, pantry items and specialty products.

Different boxes are offered at various set prices depending on the member’s family size and produce preferences, which can then be customized to replace or add additional items.

Tender Greens (

Tender Greens is a restaurant chain with several California locations, including one at the Irvine Spectrum. 

Aside from serving its usual menu, the restaurant now offers kitchen staples à la carte — such as eggs, bread and stock — as well as curated produce boxes for different occasions at various price ranges. These are available for pickup and local delivery.

Thrive Market (

Thrive Market delivers a wide range of specialty-brand snacks, pantry goods, meat and seafood — but no fresh produce as of now — and household products nationwide.

A subscription is required, but the website offers a month-long trial period before commitment. Products on the page can be organized by special diets, allergy-avoidance and ethical values that may be of importance to members. ( delivers bulk pantry goods and household products nationwide with no subscription required. The website carries a large range of familiar brands and specific products comparable to those of Costco. No fresh produce is offered as of now.