Miley Cyrus’ New Genre-Bending Album Rocks the Music Industry


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Released on Nov. 27, Cyrus’ seventh album “Plastic Hearts” has climbed to the number one spot on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart.

While 2020 has brought many ups and downs for everybody, music has been there alongside millions. Pop star Miley Cyrus spent quarantine creating new music and transforming her style into more of a rock genre, with covers of songs such as “Heart of Glass” by Blondie being streamed across the country. 

“Plastic Hearts” is Cyrus’ seventh album, and it already has over 3.7 million streams. Below we will be rating our favorite songs off her latest album that fans should keep in mind next time they are looking for new music to download.


This single off the album encompasses the feeling of being “locked up” that we have all had for months now. The lyrics can be interpreted both literally and metaphorically for having someone trapped in your mind. The hit is a collaboration with Dua Lipa, another current pop artist, providing fans with a large amount of power and talent. The song features a retro 80s style, embodying Cyrus’ new musical genre. 

“Plastic Hearts” 

The beginning of this catchy and upbeat song first involves the dull beating of a drum, then slowly ascends into a raspy vocal hook. A combination of electric guitar and rhythmic tunes makes it a perfect song for dancing — whether at a party or at a one-man show. This song incorporates the energetic vibe expected by Cyrus’ fans but also features a chaotic combination of instrumentals that truly brings the edge to this rock/pop album.

“Night Crawling”

Is there anything more entertaining than listening to two musical icons bend genres? Cyrus answers this question with the revolutionary song “Night Crawling,” featuring popular 80s rock icon Billy Idol. At first, a grunge tune pulsates through the listeners’ ears, and suddenly there is an addition with a sultry voice. The hook features confident lyrics and layered vocals. Idol’s deep belt contrasts with Cyrus, beautifully leading to a guitar solo. This is the perfect song to listen to in the shower or air-guitar to alone in your room. An instant mood booster!

“Heart of Glass” (Live from the iHeart Festival)

The TikTok-viral cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” might as well be free therapy. Cyrus adds bolder vocals to this world-famous rock song. Her voice crescendos over and over again during the first lines of the song, matching the melancholy lyrics with a soulful voice. Cyrus’ raw vocals in this live performance add to its appeal and are unbelievably addictive. Cyrus does this era-defining song justice while still maintaining originality.